The Fish

The fish is in its second iteration since being selected as
the logo for a previous business founded in 1998 and
“branded” in 2003. The original idea came from a pair of
cufflinks Britta bought for Steven – a simple a beautiful
design which was immediately transformed into what had
previously been a logo-less business. The fish represents
Pisces, Steven’s astrological star sign. Paul Gately of motif
design studio in Dublin took on the task of revamping the
design for Good & Prosper in 2018 and incorporating it –
albeit somewhat grudgingly – into the overall identity.

The Tagline

“With the well advised is wisdom” is a quotation taken from
the Old Testament book of Proverbs (13,10) and appealed
to us with its simplicity. The transformational experience of
growth into wisdom is what we all aspire to and we see
our purpose as being available to act as guides and
teachers to “advise well” in a very small area in which we
have experience, learnings and context

The Good & Prosper name

nomen est omen and we settled on the name in 2015 when we
incorporated the company without, at the time having the faintest
idea what we were going to do with it. The only thing we were sure
of, was that it would be a knowledge platform built around the
experience of the founders and their conviction that the idea that
entrepreneurs had to make a choice between success and ethics
was not only wrong, but backwards. The word play on “good &
proper” – which Steven thinks is a lancastrian expression, but
can’t prove it – is there as is the core conviction that ethical
business is the ONLY way to true prosperity

The Colours

We use two colours: teal and a soft yellow. Inspired by
ur Frederic Laloux’s “Reinventing Organisations” a Teal
Organisation of the future is based on three basic
premises to which we whole-heartedly subscribe: 1)
recognition of the principle of the organisation’s
eevolutionary purpose 2) Self-Management and 3)
the principle of Wholeness. The yellow shading we use for
highlighting boxes and aspects of the presentation is
drawn from the asian philosophy of colours that sees in
blue and yellow the colours of abundance and success.