The GLUE IT! Foundation course takes the entrepreneur on a journey of discovery into the world of business finance, starting from scratch with the basic concepts and most importantly building a framework together so that the numbers, the deeper purpose behind them, the process necessary to create them and the stories they are telling begin to make real sense. This is NOT an accounting course – this is a course designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, by storytellers for storytellers and for people who urgently wish to have real, nurturing conversations with the business they have created.

In the course we uncover how businesses produce numbers, why they matter and what they mean. Building on the GLUE IT! process we uncover how important it is get your reports and then create a simple habit of engaging with them. We spend a good deal of time on these first two steps in this course, because without that base, everything else is just theory. We commit to making sure you have the BEST POSSIBLE chance of getting to first base and then building on that to create a system of understanding and engaging with the information that your financials are communicating to you. We teach you how to ask questions and encourage you to believe that no matter what your level of financial fluency, there are no such things as stupid questions and that you have every right to ask ask ask until you have the answers you need.

We will show you how to calculate one simple number that will open the door to all the information you will ever need to unleash your business’ full potential (as used by the world’s most successful business investor)and introduce you to the real skill that every entrepreneur should master (and that most CEOs don’t understand).
We guarantee that at the end of this course you will feel so confident with the basic concepts around your financials that you will be able to converse in the language of business with anyone with a degree of confidence that you might find difficult to believe today.