Introduction: The GLUE IT! Wizard program is designed with successful entrepreneurs in mind who find themselves with excess capital either within their business from high generation of cashflow from operations, the sale of a division or subsiduary or from some other windfall or from the sale of the business itself. Participants in the Wizard program – which is available either as a bespoke 12 month personal coaching program or as a Mastermind limited to 13 participants – are drawn from the small subsection of entrepreneurs who wish to apply their business skills to new areas of commercial operations but in the role of investor rather than as operating managing. Effectively they are looking to create their own bespoke capital allocation process to leverage their skills, networks, curiosity and business acumen, but without the previous constraints of executive responsibility for the operational results. They know that “what got you here, won’t get you there” and are eager to define where “there” is and what they have to know and do to maximise their probability of success.

Especially in a time of growing financial repression, characterised by ultra-low to non-existent interest rates and exaggerated valuations for publicly traded securities, real estate and other assets, business investors recognise that generating above average returns on capital will require focus, professional discipline, adaptability and deep knowledge. They know that mistakes will be costly and that hard earned capital is irreplaceable – once it’s gone it’s gone – and are keen to ensure that they do not have to pay more than is absolutely necessary for their investment education outside of their previous field of expertise.
Additionally, the one-way street of the 80s -20s appears to have been blocked off once and for all by the COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting debt mountain and increasingly stringent regulation and intrusion of government into markets and the financial arena increases the risk of more complex and higher taxation, higher rates of inflation and dramatic changes in the relative attractiveness of different assets, sectors and types of business opportunities. Enterprising investors recognise the need to prepare for an entirely different capital environment than the one in which they created their wealth and to learn the skills which will help them thrive and survive in it.