This course was inspired by Steven & Britta’s eldest son James as well as Steven’s own upbringing and education around money, financing and self-organisation, or lack of it. Money is a habit multiplier, which means that whatever habits you develop as child and whatever character traits you assume in your early years to help you survive and find acceptance in a confusing world, will be magnified once they come into contact with money. And because money energy plays such an important role in our lives, the way we interact with it, the way we use it to express our personalities, fears, ambitions and motivations quickly determines how well we cope with it and whether we manage it or it ends up quickly managing us.

Some children are natural savers and some are happiest spending money. Some manage to hang on it naturally, for others it seems to evaporate as soon as they touch it. James was not a natural saver as a child and teenager – he didn’t have the jar full of coins and notes in his cupboard like his sisters and brother and didn’t really show much interest in it one way or another. Because Steven saw so much of himself in James he determined to work with him before he finished school to set up a system of managing money that would appeal to James’s need for structure and his ambition to channel his entrepreneurial spirit. The goal was to create a system of directing money from the very first earnings and inflows that would automatically establish habits that were easy to follow and increasingly difficult to break and that would set the stage for a lifelong healthy relationship with money.

Two and a half years on James is professional steward of his funds. He loves earning money and loves the thrill of seeing his capital account growing steadily with every paycheck, odd job, and wage he receives. He is thinking deeply about his investing activity, keen to learn more about business, capital, markets and the laws of money and even though the sums are small as yet, is reaping the rewards of paying attention to his various accounts.

Recently James suggested that it might be a good idea to teach others the system and the knowledge we have been sharing with him and encouraging him (and his siblings) to implement and to allow him the chance of sharing his system and his experiences with others of his age (20) starting out on their money journey through life. This course is the result of that suggestion and will be presented by James and Steven for the benefit of young adults looking to create a sustainable, enjoyable and habit forming system to help them stay on top of their finances for life.