The course offerings we have designed for you are at the heart of our business and aim to cultivate a mastery of business finance – the language of business – over a three stage program. The courses can be booked individually and have been constructed to move the entrepreneurial student through a process from practitioner to mastery to wizard level. The courses are built around a “backbone” process which we refer to as GLUE IT! (download the GLUE IT! Manual here).

Our courses are set up as live classes starting 4 times a year with weekly live presentations, off-line video tutorials and exercises built around the students own business and financial reports. The courses are opened regularly for enrolment, marketed during the 4 week enrolment period and closed once we have reached the maximum size that allows us to ensure a first class service for each cohort. Involvement in the transformational learning journey of our students is our guiding principle and we commit to fulfilling our side of the learning compact to ensure that fluency in the language of business is attained.

Additionally we will be building a powerful library of courses given by expert partners of Good & Prosper, many of which will be exclusive to our platform and community, over the coming months and years. Watch our website for announcements as new exciting new courses and experts appear to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the language of business as your become conscious and confident managers of capital.

Current Courses from Good & Prosper

GLUE IT! Creating Confidence in the Language of Business –
Practitioner Level

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GLUE IT! Entrepreneur as Investor – Mastering the Language of Business

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GLUE IT! – Wizard Program Intelligent Investing – Blending Investment and Business Skills for Life

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GLUE IT! Starting Right – Mastering the Language and Practice of Finance for Young Adults.

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GLUE IT! is our catch phrase for a simple process that lies at the heart of every engagement with financial numbers. Whether you are Warren Buffett, running the largest and most focused capital allocation operation in the world or the owner of a nail salon in Dearborn Detroit, the actual process of engaging with your financial numbers in order to have a conversation with your business is pretty much the same. HOW you do it will probably differ by degrees, but WHAT you do will be recognisably similar. GLUE IT! stands for Get, Look at, Understand, Evaluate, Interpret and Take action. ! The exclamation mark stands for mastery. GLUE IT! also means making it stick so that it holds. It means creating habits and knowledge around engaging with the financials in your business so that you can hold it all together whatever the weather and whatever the strain.

The GLUE IT! process forms the backbone of all of our courses. Each GLUE IT! course – from Practitioner to Master to Wizard – is designed to guide the entrepreneur through the steps appropriate to their level of expertise and comfort. The underlying architecture and habits are however remarkably similar: as your fluency in speaking the language of business increases, so will your level of understanding, interpretation and of course the actions that you will take increase in both complexity and finesse. It really is like learning a language: when you first start to learn spanish you are happy if you can order a meal and understand the questions that your waiter asks you. A year later, you can have a heated discussion about the latest election results with your spanish friends and not think twice about it. So it is with the language of business and the GLUE IT! courses will guide you through the basics to the level of mastery that you would like to achieve.