A game to match investors with investee companies to practice the skill of determining intrinsic value, negotiating a deal and finding the right investors for your company.

Goal of the Game: Conference or Retreat Group chooses 3 -4 entrepreneurs whose goal is to sell their company for the best price to investors. The rest of the Conference are investors. Investors’ goal is to find the best investment of their funds. Investors must put their Capital to use and Investee Companies must secure equity funding for their businesses. Businesses and Investors not employing or accepting any capital will be eliminated.

The game is an ideal centrepiece for a conference or entrepreneurial gathering and provides an amazing opportunity for all participants to learn and experience the thrill and challenges of presenting a business for sale, dealing with tough questions, negotiating with multiple parties at the same time under time pressure and with incomplete information. For investors the experience of buying a business and reflecting on how well one would manage the experience if the roles were reversed is eye-opening and exhilarating.

Always a winning event and guaranteed to make for an exciting and unforgettable conference experience

Good & Prosper has designed and implemented the Game and can license the whole program to conference organisers complete with rule book, game material, scoreboards and preparatory documentation and videos and personal support to ensure a perfect entrepreneurial retreat.

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