Good & Prosper is a knowledge business for entrepreneurs, business owners and enterprising employees looking to become fluent in the language of business. Only by improving their mastery of the business finance can they engage in deep dialogue with their business and listen to what it needs to survive and thrive. Only by becoming fluent in the language of business can they achieve their full potential as business owners and significantly improve their chance of creating lasting success and prosperity. We focus on building practical financial knowledge that entrepreneurs can put to use immediately, enabling them to become confident and proficient as investors in their own businesses.

Good & Prosper will help you to discover…

  • That being a financially savvy business operator is much easier than you think

  • Why financial intelligence is NOT the same as accounting proficiency (in fact it is a whole different board game)

  • That you only need to understand one number to unlock the whole potential of your entrepreneurial talent

  • Why you really need to become a confident capitalist to thrive and prosper

  • How acknowledging and embracing your inner capitalist is the key to entrepreneurial success

What is a Confident Capitalist?